Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System

MegaSquirtPNP Pro Map Index

There are three categories of maps:

  • Base maps have been tuned on a stock, or nearly stock, example of the car or truck they are listed for. Some have been tuned on a car with oversized injectors and scaled down, but these are generally very close.

  • Startup maps are based on a slightly different engine and not final tuned, but should be enough in the ballpark to start a car. They may be replaced by base maps at a later time.

  • Tuner maps are from highly modified cars. These may be closer than the base map for cars with similar mods. These are not canned tunes that you can just load before a race and be certain it's right for your car; they are likely to need fine tuning as many modified cars will not have the exact same combination of mods. Please take appropriate precautions with these tunes - if you encounter a lean AFR or detonation, back off immediately and adjust the cells where the problem is happening.

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The EFI Tuners Guide

A Free Education In Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition Control - How to Plan, Install, Configure and Tune your Standalone EMS!


The MegaSquirtPNP, as with any programmable engine management system, may not
be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles and is therefore produced and sold for off road/race use only. Check federal/local laws.

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