Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System

We changed the main circuit board around a bit to fix a couple bugs and add efficiency to the production and assembly process. Below, you can find a list to identify which main board version you have.

  v1.2 PCB v1.3 PCB
Rear End Plate  15 pin option connector Fewer holes
26 pin option connector
LED Color Green Red
Main PCB Color Red Green
    Added Features
  • Software AC Idle-up Control (Requires firmware version 3.3.1a or newer)
  • Increased Ignition Output Current Capacity
  • Improved PCB Configuration Jumper Markings
  • Increased I/O Capacity on Rear Option Connector

The EFI Tuners Guide

A Free Education In Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition Control - How to Plan, Install, Configure and Tune your Standalone EMS!


The MegaSquirtPNP, as with any programmable engine management system, may not
be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles and is therefore produced and sold for off road/race use only. Check federal/local laws.

MegaSquirtPNP, MSPNP, MegaSquirt PNP, and MS PNP, are trademarks of EFI Innovations, Inc d/b/a